Cutest Puppy

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Researchers have revealed the point at which puppies appear the most attractive to us—and the discovery could shine a light on how man’s best friend has evolved to rely on human care. For a new study published in the journal Anthrozoos: A Multidisciplinary Journal of the Interactions of People and Animals, researchers from Arizona State University and the University of Florida found that puppies’ cuteness peaks at around eight weeks—which is roughly the time at which their mothers stop weaning them, allowing them to fend for themselves. The scientists were interested in investigating whether there was any link between the age at which weaning stops—and, therefore, when the puppies are most vulnerable—and their attractiveness to people. So, they devised a study in which they showed 51 images of puppies at different ages—ranging from between a few weeks old and young adulthood—to 51 participants, asking them to rank the level of attractiveness of the dogs in each picture. The breeds used were Jack Russell terriers, cane corsos and white shepherds. The team found that the participants rated the puppies as least attractive at birth, before the scores steadily rose until the peak of eight weeks. After this point, the attractiveness scores began declining again and leveling off. Additionally, there was a slight difference between the breeds as well, with the cane corsos appearing most attractive at 6.3 weeks of age on average, while the Jack Russells and the white shepherds appeared the cutest at 7.7 weeks 8.3 weeks respectively. "It came out exactly as I'd hoped it would—that there is indeed an optimal age of maximum cuteness, and that age does line up pretty closely with the age at which mothers wean their pups," professor Clive Wynne from Arizona State University said in a statement. source: / age-puppies-are-cutest-according-science-925130
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